Insurer/Payer Benefits

Quality Focus

Since 30 percent of the insurers’ care is being provided by community-based physicians, our 30 percent footprint is moving the value needle outside the large health systems. We can move the value needle at your health plan by bringing quality-focused physicians to your networks that the large health systems cannot. In fact, our data suggests it will take less than two years until our results are better than the big health systems. The PA Clinical Network physicians have truly made the switch to focus on quality and not volume; in that realm, our physicians excel.

The PA Clinical Network’s structure allows smaller practices and those not affiliated with a hospital system to combine membership with other like-minded practices so they can participate in health insurers’ value-based and pay-for-performance arrangements that would not otherwise be offered to them.

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Resources And Support

In this way, PACN membership also allows member practices to mitigate some of the insurance risk and spread out any catastrophic cases across a much larger membership base, thus lessening their impact for our insurers on these types of arrangements.

PACN members receive access to resources and support that they cannot otherwise afford to purchase – this can be anything from data or IT resources to clinical resources or process improvement/workflow assistance. The result for our insurers is improved member experience, measure adherence and ultimately, health outcomes.

Practice Communities

PACN practices engage with other similar member practices to share best practice ‘tips and tricks’ for being successful in value-based arrangements and also with challenges related to certain clinical conditions.

PACN is at the heart of value-based care; when physicians join the PACN, they can access a much wider referral network, allowing them to engage with new or different specialists and hospital systems that they may not otherwise have access to or know about. And, they are able to pool incentive dollars with other organizations to allow for more infrastructure support and long-term stability.