Committes and Members

Committees and Their Members (click to expand).

funds flow committee

Paul Williams, DO – Houcks Road Family Practice- Chair

Margaret Flores-Posadas, MD – Berks Genesis

Phuong Wirths, DO – Fore Your Health

Jeffrey Kile, MD – Pediatric Associates of Kingston

Eric Peck, DO – My Care Now

Rene Rothstein-Rubin, MD – Rittenhouse Oncology

Quality Improvement Committee

Aalok Malankar, DO Berks Genesis Family Medicine – Chair

William Kuprevich, DO SVMS – Vice Chair

Amy Maley, DO – Graham Medical Clinic

Ahmad Wardeh, MD – Wardeh-Agha Medical Center

Russell Gombosi, MD – Open Arms Internal Medicine & Pediatrics

Sheri Love, MD – JDC Pediatrics

Janet Thul, PM – Peter E. McNeil, MD

Credentialing Committee

Nader Rahmanian, MD – Nader Rahmanian, MD, LLC – Chair

Margaret Posadas, MD – Berks Genesis Family Medicine

Fabien Baksh, MD – Pennsylvania Specialty Pathology

Peter McNeil, MD – Peter E. McNeil, MD

Jeffrey Greco, MD, MD – St. Joseph Internal Medicine

Rajesh Patel, MD – Lycoming Internal Medicine

GPO Sub-Committee

Jack Armstrong, MD- Medical Arts & Allergy- Chair

Aalok Malankar, MD- Berks Genesis

Nader Rahmanian, MD- Nader Rahmanian MD LLC

Jeffrey Harris, MD- Graham Medical Clinic

JR Vought – Executive Director, PAK Pediatrics


Jack Armstrong, MD – Medical Arts Allergy – Chair

Aalok Malankar, MD – Berks Genesis

John Reinhardt, DO – Reinhardt Family Practice

Julio Ramos, MD – Ramos Rheumatology

Lisa Myers, DO – Walnut Bottom

contracting / finance

Nader Rahmanian, MD – Chair

Sandeep Kakaria, MD – Kakaria Ophthalmology

Duane Donmoyer, MD – Miller-Donmoyer

Musaddiq Nazeeri, MD

Brad Henken, DO – JDC Peds

Rajesh Patel, MD – Lycoming Internal Medicine

Jeffrey Harris, MD – Graham Medical Clinic