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Our partnerships with vendors provide member practices with access to programs that directly affect their bottom line. Mindoula’s behavioral health programs give providers a full network of behavioral health services without requiring additional in-office staff. Please fill out the form below and we will provide you with additional details in order to begin taking advantage of this benefit.

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Mindoula is a next generation population health management company that scales the human connection through technology in addressing mind, body, and life challenges. Mindoula offers a range of programs for health systems, primary care practice groups, hospitals, and consumers, delivering tech-enabled, team-based, 24/7 support and care across the continuum of care. Care extenders, or “Mindoulas” (a combination of “mind” for mental health and “doula” which is Greek for caregiver) are experts in outreach and enrollment, and in establishing sustained, trusted relationships with the members they serve. Teams of four work 24/7  to help people with behavioral health challenges and medical conditions receive the care and resources they need to get better. Please complete the form and we will provide your practice with more information so you can begin to take advantage of this partnership.